#DailyGram: post dinner. #restaurauntweek (at Stampede 66 by Stephan Pyles)

#DailyGram: liquid nitrogen margarita

To the person that did this: I hope you get caught and put on deferred and then can’t pay your court costs and fees and you get put in jail for a couple of days as a condition and then lose your job and still can’t pay your fees and now you have a moral turpitude crime on your NCIC [record] and then you can’t get a job fo’ real! Jerks! #TreadmillToNowhere

#DailyGram: ice bucket challenge

#DailyGram: badge

#DailyGram: I’m already effing this car up. I ran over a curb and this part fell off. Awesome.

#DailyGram: this 68-page document is a federal indictment. #BigLeagues

I need my intern back to help me take care of this problem. (at Law Office of Jeremy Gordon)


#dailygram: #RestaurauntWeek dessert (at Chamberlain’s Fish Market Grill)